Hanging on by a thread

By Irina Pauls for CoisCéim, Project Arts Centre Dublin.

Inspired by the Greek myth of Ariadne, Hanging on by a Thread takes the fertility goddness‘ labyrinth as a metaphor for the dark an moody side of the human psyche. Ariadne is a modern woman caught by her past. Eight dancers reflect the complex twists and turns of her life while interweaving their own paths. And their ways intermingle surprisingly...

choreographer: Irina Pauls
Original music: Matthias Engelke
Set / Lighting: John Comiskey
Costumes: Sinéad Cuthbert
Dancers: Murine Bloomer, Mike Carberry, Jen Fleenor, Robert Jackson, Mónica Muñoz Marín, Thomas Maucher, Emma O‘Kane, Marco Volta
Venue: 27-Nov-2006, project arts centre, dublin 2

Review by Victoria Watson, published in the Metro on 1 December 2006 (Download PDF)

Inspired by the Greek myth of Ariadne